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Instructions for authors

The order of admission the publications: Presented publication should be devoted to the actual historical problem and need to have a critical scientific - practical and theoretical importance. The aim of the research and main conclusions based on a scientific analysis should be clearly defined in the article.

Uzbek language publications must be accompanied by a brief abstract (45-50 words) in English and Russian, Russian language – by the annotations on Uzbek and Russian.

The articles of the young scholars  and graduate students, presented for  part named  «Tribune of the young scholar" should have scientific review and recommendation of the supervisors.

After that received articles are sent for review to the leading experts in this field, and after the discussion of the editorial board the decision regarding the publication is taken.

The articles submitted for publication in the journal «O'zbekiston tarixi» must meet the following technical criteria:

- 2 copies, no more than 8-10 pages text font «Times New Roman», size 14 (title), size 14 (the body). Margins: 2 cm on each side. The manuscript must be certified by the signature of the author. The electronic version should be attached.

 - Foot-notes by page, numbering - in the order of the sequence. Requirements for the foot-notes: name of the author, title of the publication or the source, place and year of the publication, pages number.

The manuscript should be accompanied by the following information about the author: name, surname, patronymic, place of work, scientific degree, home and business address and phone numbers.

Manuscript of the article is not returned back.

Address of the editorial board: The Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, I.Muminova street 9,. Tel.: (998-71) 262 38 73.