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Dilnoza Shukurillaevna Duturaeva

Dilnoza Shukurillaevna Duturaeva

PhD in History, 2011

Senior Research Fellow


Dilnoza Duturaeva is a historian with research interests in history of Medieval Central Asia, Imperial China, Qarakhanid and Qara Khitai studies, history of the Silk Road, cross-cultural contacts, Sino-Turkic relations, China and the Islamic World


She pursued postdoctoral research at the Department of Sinology of the University of Bonn (2015-2018) and doctoral studies at the Institute of History of the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences (2007-2010). She defended her doctoral dissertation entitled “Central Asia during the Qara Khitai Period, 1124-1218” and received a PhD degree in History from the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences in 2011. She graduated from Tashkent Institute for Oriental Studies (M.A. 2004-2006 and B.A. 2000-2004 in Central Asian History)


She developed and taught a course in history of Central Asia and China at the University of Bonn (Germany, 2015-2016), and conducted research at the University of Nanjing (China, 2012-2013), University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA, 2010) and University of Halle-Wittenberg (Germany, 2008-2009). She is a member of the European Society for Central Asian Studies (since 2009) and European Association for Chinese Studies (since 2018).


She was awarded research fellowships and grants by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Gerda Henkel Foundation, German Academic Exchange Service and Confucius Institute. She received Alisher Nava'i State Scholarship from the Uzbekistan Ministry of Education and “Sodruzhestvo Debiutov” International Award from the CIS Intergovernmental Foundation.


Duturaeva, Dilnoza. “Qarakhanid Envoys to Song China” Journal of Asian History 52, 2 (2018): 179-208. URL:

Duturaeva, Dilnoza. “Cengtan and Fulin: The Saljuqs in Chinese Sources” Crossroads: Studies on the History of Exchange Relations in the East Asian World 15 (2017): 29-48. URL:

Duturaeva, Dilnoza. “Between the Silk and Fur Roads: The Qarakhanid Diplomacy and Trade” Orientierungen: Zeitschrift zur Kultur Asiens 28 (2016): 173-212.