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Department of History of Uzbekistan of the Soviet period (1917 - 1991)

In the first years of independence, staff members of the Institute of History of Uzbekistan studied the impact of February Revolution of 1917 and October Revolution on socio-political processes in Turkestan (R.J. Radzhapova, R.M. Abdullayev, S. Agzamhodzhaev, I.A. Alimov, A.Kh. Babahodzhaev, Kh.SH. Inoyatov, R.A. Nurullin, K.K. Radjabov etc.).

Several authors made their contribution to the study of history of public administration in Bukhara People's Soviet Republic and Khorezm People's Soviet Republic. A research work was carried out on activities of workers, farmers and intellectuals in Uzbekistan (I.M. Muminov, K.O. Okilov, R. Kh. Aminova, M.A. Okhunova, A.A. Golovanov, A.Yu. Ibragimova, F.B. Iskhakov, R.Kh. Karimov and others). The contribution of Uzbekistan in the victory over fascism in World War II was also studied. As a result, a collective monograph, consisting of three volumes was created.

Monographs and collection of documents on history of Bukhara and Khorezm republics, the process of collectivization of agriculture, the decision of women's issues in Uzbekistan and problems of their emancipation and others were published in association with the Central State Archive of the Republic of Uzbekistan and other organizations.

The research of the scientists of the Institute made a significant contribution to the study of history of Uzbekistan. They revised the outdated research concepts that were based on the absolutization and politicization of social-political events, and identified "black and white spots" of our history.

In January 2000, "History of Uzbekistan of the Soviet period" Department (Head of Department K.K Radjabov) was established. Soon, however, it was combined with the Department of "History of Uzbekistan in Colonial Period" and new Department "History of Uzbekistan of XIX-XX centuries" was founded.

Department of "History of the Soviet period of Uzbekistan" was established on May 7, 2012. Doctor of Historical Sciences K.K. Radjabov was appointed as a Head of Department. Today Doctor of Historical Sciences R.M. Abdullaev, Candidate of Historical Sciences Sh.B. Mukhamedov, Candidate of Historical Sciences B.A.Pasilov, Senior Research Fellow R.N. Shigabdinov, Junior Research Fellow F.S. Boboyev and Junior Research Fellow B.M. Kandov work in this Department.

The Department faces challenges that have not yet been resolved in the national historical science. In particular, work is underway to prepare for publication a fundamental, academic research, which is dedicated to the history of the Soviet period "History of Uzbekistan (1917 - 1991)," and a book "Reading book of history of Uzbekistan (1917 - 1991)". Staff members of the Department are also working on a collective monograph on policy of national-territorial demarcation in the Central Asian republics in 1924 - 1925, implemented by the Soviet power.

Promoting the research and forming a sense of patriotism in the multi-ethnic society in Uzbekistan, in particular among young people, is one of the priority directions of activity of the Department. Department staff members face urgent tasks to cover the history of Uzbekistan of the Soviet period on the basis of a new conceptual methodology grounded on ideology of national independence.

                                      Projects planned by the Department 

2012 – 2013: History of Uzbekistan (1917 – 1991)

2012 – 2013: Reading book of history of Uzbekistan (1917 – 1991)

2015 – 2017: Implementation of national and territorial demarcation in the Central Asian republics and its implications (1924 – 1925 г.)