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Azimova Nodira Khayitbaevna

Candidate of Historical Science

Senior research fellow

Position Senior research fellow

Education Graduated from College of History at Tashkent State University (1980)

Degree Candidate of Historical Science (1987, Moscow State University)

Scientific interests Transformation of family and its rituality, child rising, gender relations, family profile and family rites,ethno sociologic methods of research. 

Main publications:

  1.  Междисциплинарная  интеграция этнологии и социологии: применение некоторых полевых  методов. Ўзбекистон тарихи №3. 2010.
  2. Жизненная история (life history) как одна из разновидностей  биографического метода.2010.
  3. Hospitality in Central Asia. Vol. 2, EWIC,  Brill, Leiden, 2005, p. 228
  4. Deniz Kandiyoti and Nadira Azimova. The communal and the sacred: women’s worlds of ritual in Uzbekistan. The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute Vol. 10, No 2: 327-349, London, 2004.
  5. Health Facility Survey. Report prepared for the Health-1 Project, Tashkent, 2003
  6. Social Assessment. Report prepared for WB, Tashkent, 2003
  7. Azimova Nodira and Saurjan Yakupov. Traditional Uzbek Family: Selection of a Marriage Partner. Paper to Eighth Annual Central Eurasian Studies Conference, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, March 30, 2001. International conference.
  8. Women’s Survival Strategies: Their Role in Keeping Traditions Alive. Gender and Identity Construction. Brill, Leiden, 2000, pp. 299-304.
  9. Роль махали в современной жизни. АОН. Москва, 1988, 132-142.