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Ashirov Adkham Azimbayevich

Ashirov Adkham

Doctor of Historical Science

The head of department

Position The head of department

Education Graduated from College of History at Tashkent State Pedagogic  Institute  (1996)

Degree Doctor of Historical Science (2009, Institute of History, Academy  of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan)

Scientific interests Modern problems of ethnology, ethnic history, religious beliefs, customs, rites and ritual ceremonies of Uzbeks

Main publications:  

  1. Traces of Shamanistic Beliefs in Life Patterns of the Uzbeks in the Fergana Valley // Continuity, Symbiosis, and the Mind in Traditional Cultures of Modern Societies. Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan 2011. P.107-117.
  2. Zikr Jahr in the Ritual Practice of Sufi Groups of Central Asia and Its Ethnographic Features // Ethnographic Review. Moscow 2010 №5. P37-44. (in Russian)                                  
  3. Ethnology in Uzbekistan: Achievements, Problems and Future Progress. // Selected Bibliography of Central Asia and Kazakhstan and Studies on Kazakhian National Movement. The University of Karlova, Praha 2010.
  4. The Views of Uzbek People Relating the Parts of Human Body.: the Genesis and Specific Features // Journal “The History of Uzbekistan”.- Tashkent, 2009. - №4. P.59-69. (in Uzbek).
  5. Traditional and Religious Outlook and Ritualism of Uzbek Nation” //Islamic Values of Central Asia: Tolerance, Historico-Philosophical Aspects. – Tashkent, 2008. – P. 194-200.
  6. Ancient Believes of Uzbek People, (Monograph), Tashkent, Uzbekistan. 2007.–276 p  (in Uzbek).
  7. The Ethnology, (Textbook), Tashkent, Uzbekistan. 2007.–168  p  (in Uzbek).
  8. Revival of Sufi Traditions  in Modern Central Asia: Jahrri zikr and its Ethnological Features in Journal Oriente Moderno. 2007. №1.– P. 163-175. (Co-author:. S B. Pasilov).
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