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Department of Contemporary History and International Relations

The Department of «History of Uzbekistan of Independence period» in the structure of the Institute of History of the Republic of Uzbekistan was established by Decree of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, adopted in March 1996.

Since its establishment, the heads of the Department have been Doctor of Historical Sciences R. Nasyrov, Ph.D. in History M. Juraev, Doctor of Historical Sciences E. Nuriddinov. From 2007 to the present Head of the department is Dr. M.A. Rakhimov.

The main task of the Department was the scientific researching within historical position occurring processes of socio-political, socio-economic, cultural and spiritual transformation during the period of independence. These issues are reflected in a number of books and scientific articles of the research workers of Department. Over time, in connection with changes in the socio-political, socio-economic, cultural and spiritual spheres of the country, with strong statement of Uzbekistan in the international community and the full participation of the Republic in solving problems of international character, both at the regional and global levels, rose the need to rename the Department name.

In this regard, by the decision of the Academic Council of the Institute of History of the Republic of Uzbekistan in January 2006, the Department was reorganized into the Department «Contemporary History and International Relations». Department researchers have wide international contacts on various aspects of contemporary history and international relations. In particular, they conduct research at leading research centers in Europe and America. They take regular participation in international conferences, seminars, and have publications abroad.


Research areas of the Department:


Since the establishment of the Department its employees have worked on the following planned projects:

1. 2003-2007. – «History of the Republic of Uzbekistan (1991-2005)». Volume VII. Project Heads – Dr. E.Z. Nuriddinov.

2. 2003-2005. – «The cooperation between Uzbekistan and major international and regional organizations». Project Head – Dr. M.A. Rakhimov.

3. 2003-2005. – «Ethnic Conflicts in Central Asia (Fergana (1989) and Osh (1990) conflicts)». Project Head – Dr. R.R. Nazarov.

4. 2008-2010. – «Social stratification of modern society in Uzbekistan in the context of historical processes». Project Head – Dr. M.A. Rakhimov.

5. 2007-2011. – «History of the independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan». Project Head – Dr. M.A. Rakhimov.

6. 2009-2011. – «The negative effects of monoculture cotton. Historical and sociological study of «Cotton Scandal» in Uzbekistan (80-s of XX century)». Project Head – Dr. R.R .Nazarov.

7. 2010- 2011. – «Oral History of Uzbekistan in the first half of the twentieth century as a method and a source of historical research». Project Head – Dr. A.T. Sabirov.

8. 2012-2014. – «The history of the establishment and development of relations between the Republic of Uzbekistan with the leading countries of the world». Project Head – Dr. M.A. Rakhimov.


Staff of the Department. Currently, the staffs of the Department are: 4 candidate of historical sciences, 4 candidate of philosophical sciences, three junior researchers, 1 doctoral researcher, 1 researcher. By basic education the Department employees represent a variety of disciplines: International Relations, Philosophy, History, Sociology.

Languages: Number of staffs speak English, German, Turkish, Korean, Persian. It's expedient to attract employees with the knowledge of other European and Asian languages.


Educational and methodical and organizational work. Staff of department teaches in various Higher Education Institutions of the Republic (The national university of Uzbekistan, the Tashkent Islamic university, University of world economy and diplomacy, the Tashkent State pedagogical university, the Tashkent branch of the Russian economic academy of G.V. Plekhanov), give open lectures at foreign universities (M.A.Rakhimov, R.R.Nazarov, A.T.Sabirov). Employees also carry out release of textbooks and the manuals recommended by Ministry of Higher Education for Higher educational institutions: «Philosophy foundations» (R.R. Nazarov), «Political science» (R.R. Nazarov), «The theory and practice of construction of democratic society in Uzbekistan» (R.R. Nazarov), «History of Uzbekistan» (A.Golovanov), and also electronic materials for students of Higher Education Institutions: «History of the international relations in new and latest time» (T.M. Abidov).

Staff of department also has foreign works, in particular «The Greater Middle East in Global Politics: Social Science Perspectives on the Changing Geography of the World politics» (M.A.Rakhimov). Annually Republican conferences on various political and international subjects are held in cooperation with various universities and the organizations of the republic. In particular in 2009 the Republican conference "Youth Role in Socioeconomic and Cultural Life of Uzbekistan" was held in cooperation with social organization of youth "Kamolot".


Scientific researches and methodology questions: Today along with certain achievements in studying of modern processes there is also a number of shortcomings. In particular the majority of dissertation researches are generally focused on studying of certain aspects of social and economic and political development of Uzbekistan, in a context of local, autochthonic development, but not in a context of regional and international processes. Processes in the certain separately taken regions of the Republic are also often considered without comparative studying, the analysis and revealing of regional distinctions.

It is very poorly used interdisciplinary approaches, including use of various methods of sociological researches and oral history. The majority of researches are carried out without studying of the methodological principles and approaches which take place in scientific methods of foreign countries.

In present in the Department there is a learning of interdisciplinary approaches and new methodology in history, the international relations, political science, sociology (M.A.Rakhimov), history, philosophy, sociology (R.R.Nazarov), history, sociology (A.T.Sabirov, G.J.Ganieva), history, history of economy, sociology (Sh. M. Rakhmatullayev), history, diasporology, social anthropology, Korean studies (M.D.Ten).


Personnel potential: Since 2002 the wide international scientific contacts of Department staff with foreign scientists and scientific centers has been establishing. In particular on a constant basis are:

- Participation of employees in the international conferences and seminars (M.A.Rakhimov, R. R. Nazarov, Sh.Rahmatullayev, G.J.Ganieva, M.D.Ten,)

- Participation in the international projects with researchers and the scientific and educational centers of Russia, USA, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, Japan (M.A.Rakhimov, R. R. Nazarov, G.J.Ganieva, M. D. Ten).


Foreign publications:

CIS countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan.

Foreign countries: USA, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Korea, Austria, Netherlands, India, Turkey.

The Department in cooperation with the center of studying of CIS of the Moscow State University published seven collections «Russia-Uzbekistan: history and present».

Researches of Department also are associate editors of a number of the international editions: M.A.Rakhimov – «Journal of Eurasian studies» (Amsterdam - New York - London - Paris), the «EuroAsia» journal (Moscow State University - Russia), «Global South: SEPHIS a magazine» (Netherlands), The Korean journal of Central Asian & Caucasian Studies (South Korea), R.R. Nazarov, A.T.Sabirov of «EuroAsia» (Moscow State University, Russia).


Scientific training and researches at foreign universities and scientific centers.  M.A.Rakhimov (The Washington university and Georgia university –USA, the London university and the Cambridge university – Great Britain, Leyden university – Netherlands, NATO Institute in Rome – Italy, University of Hessen, University Bilefeld – Germany, the Center of Slavic researches of Hokkaido university - Japan), R.R.Nazarov (Georgia university –USA, the Moscow State University – Russian Federation), G.J.Ganiyeva (Humboldt’s university - Germany), D.A.Gulyamova (The Washington university –USA).

Also in the Department there were foreign researchers, in particular, the researcher of Kashmir university (India) Tabassum Daara and graduate students Sung Don Gui, Sinae Yun (South Korea)  


Sphere of scientific interests of employees: political and financial system, socio-economical processes, interethnic and inter confessional relations, contemporary history, international and regional relations, foreign policy, gender, issues of culture, education, science. Main goal of these projects are studying of socio-political processes in Uzbekistan in 80s of XX century and history of formation and development of Uzbekistan as independent state, analysis of main directions in socio-political and socio-economical reforms, development of foreign policy.