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Department of ancient History and Material Culture

 The department was established in 1998 after adopting the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of RUz �On improving the activity of the Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan�. The department was headed by one of the leading archeologists of the Republic Professor R.Kh.Suleymanov, and since 2003 it is headed by Academician of AS RUz Yury Fedorovich Buryakov.

Department of Contemporary History and International Relations

The Department of «History of Uzbekistan of Independence period» in the structure of the Institute of History of the Republic of Uzbekistan was established by Decree of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, adopted in March 1996.

Department of Medieval History of Uzbekistan

Department was founded in 1943 when was created the Institute of History of Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences. Till 1977 academician Y.G.Gulyamov was a head of the Department. Professor R.G. Mukminova was led Department in many years. In during 2000-2008 years the Professor E.E. Karimov directed the department. Present time the department is leading by Professor A. Atakhodjaev.Medievalists as O. Chekhovich, G. Mikhaylova who played an important role in study Central Asian History were worked at this Department as well.

“History of Uzbekistan in the second half of the XIX – at the beginning of the XX centuries”

The Department of “History of Uzbekistan in the second half of the XIX – at the beginning of the XX centuries”

Department of History of Uzbekistan of the Soviet period (1917 - 1991)

In the first years of independence, staff members of the Institute of History of Uzbekistan studied the impact of February Revolution of 1917 and October Revolution on socio-political processes in Turkestan (R.J. Radzhapova, R.M. Abdullayev, S. Agzamhodzhaev, I.A. Alimov, A.Kh. Babahodzhaev, Kh.SH. Inoyatov, R.A. Nurullin, K.K. Radjabov etc.).

Department of Historiography and Sourse studies

Historical science, in contrast to many other differs by close attention to their own history. (For) Over time, the history of historical science emphasized to the special research area, and in the study of history -  to one of the most important special historical disciplines. The second is called historiography.

Department of Ethnology and Anthropology

     The department (sector) of ethnography was established in the Institute of History and Archeology of AS RUz in 1943, first it was headed by the renowned Central Asian ethnologist M.S.Andreev, Academician of AS of Uzbekistan. In the subsequent this department was headed by Doctor of Historical Science O.A.Sukhareva; Doctor of Historical Science, Professor, Academician of AS RUz K.S.Shaniyazov; Candidate of Historical Sciences S.Mirkhasilov; Doctor of Historical Science Z.Kh.Arifhanova; candidate of Historical Sciences G.S.Zununova. Now, the head of the department is Doctor of Historical Science A.A. Ashirov (since 2009).
     Over the years of its existence the Department has undergone a number of reorganizations. But at all times the Department organized its work in accordance with the three main directions: 1) historical ethnography, 2) modern ethnography and 3) ethnic history of Uzbek people. In the 1940s-60s in the republic there was formed an academic community of professional ethnographers greatly contributed both in studying of ethnic history and historical ethnography (K.S.Shaniyazov, Inogamov, T.Fajziev, H.Ismailov, B.Aminov), and of modernity (M.A.Bikzhanova, I.M.Dzhabbarov, S.M.Mirkhasilov, T.Kh.Tashbaeva, F.A.Aripov, M.Savurov, S.Muzapparov, R.Kurbangalieva, M.Ruzieva, and others.), they worked in the Department in the 1950s-80s. That enabled the Institute of History to form two sectors in 1973: the Sector of Historical Ethnography (Doctor of Historical Science Shaniyazov as the Head) and the Sector of Ethnography of the Modern Period (headed by the Candidate of Historical Sciences Mirkhailov S.), which functioned until 1987, then both sectors were incorporated again.
     At present the Department of Ethnology carries out work according the following trends: 1) historical ethnography, 2) modern ethnography, and 3) ethnic history of Uzbek people, 4) investigation of problems of ethnic identity, 5) ethnic processes.
     In terms of independence there were formed wide contacts of the department researchers with foreign scholars and centers of science. They include as follows: 1) rendering consultations and supervising dissertations of the foreign researchers investigating the problems of Central Asia; 2) participation of the department researchers in the international conferences, seminars (Arifkhanova Z. Kh., Zununova G.S., Ashirov A.A., Khan V.S.); 3) publication in foreign editions (of Germany, India, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrghyzstan, Russia, the USA, Sweden, Turkey, Japan, etc.); 4) participation in the International grant programs and projects with the researchers from the USA, Great Britain, South Korea, etc.