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International cooperation

In the Soviet period and in 1990s, there were few foreign colleagues of the researchers of the Institute and few numbers of foreign publications. Only few researchers knew foreign languages

Extensive phase of external relations of the Institute of History started in 2000.

One of the significant directions of the Institute in this sphere is extensional foreign relations and signing appropriate treaties. Contracts about Collaboration were signed between the Institute and the University of Georgia and the University of Washington, Centre of Central Asia Studies at Cashmere University, University of Bonn, International University named after Eckert (Germany), Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of ASR, Slavonic on Kuban State Pedagogical Institute, Altai State Pedagogical Academy (Russia), the University of Stockholm (Sweden), “Archeological examining” and the University of Turan (Kazakhstan), Institute of History, State and Law of Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Koryo University, Choson University, Dongguk University, Myondgil University, Hangyang University, Busan University of Foreign Studies, Institute of Developing Cultures (South Korea).

Another important direction of foreign collaborations is international conferences held in the base of Institute or with its active participation as co-organizer.

Three international conferences were held by the Institute of History in cooperation with IACD (Republic of Korea) in 2002-2004.

Conference on The Questions of International and Regional Security of Central Asia” was held between the Institute of History and the University of Georgia (USA) in 2006.

International conference on “Islamic value of Central Asia: tolerance and humanism” which was partly financed by the branch of UNESCO in Uzbekistan,  IFEAC (France) and IICAS (UNESCO) was held by Institute of History in cooperation with Tashkent State the University of Islam in 2007.  

International conference on “Social life of Central Asian nations in the first quarter of the XX century: traditions and innovations” which was partly financed by IFEAC (France), IICAS (UNESCO), IACD (Republic of Korea) was organized by Institute of History in 2008.

Within the framework of international grants and contracts, 67 researchers of the Institute had foreign scientific research experience in 17 countries in 2001-2011. In this period, the staff of the Institute participated at international scientific conferences with 154 works in 27 countries which were published in scientific journals and proceedings of 13 countries.

At the same time, the Institute receives foreign scholars and post-graduate students. For instance, from 2004 to 2011, more than 50 researchers from Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, India, Italy, China, Korea, Japan, Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden and USA studied, trained and conducted research at the Institute.